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Thickety Creek Farm produces the finest black and red color Beefmaster cattle in Southeast Texas. Thickety Creek Farm is located in Kirbyville, Texas a one-hour drive from Beaumont, Texas and a 2-hour drive from Houston, Texas. Owners Cullin and Claire Smith discovered the pleasure of raising Beefmaster cattle in 2018. This breed was chosen due to its six essential traits that separate Beefmaster from the other breeds. Beefmaster cattle are the gentlest disposition cattle breed you will ever meet. The other five essential Beefmaster traits – fertility, milking ability, weight, confirmation, and hardiness - are just icing on the cake. As a result of these traits, we believe Beefmaster cows make the best mama cows in the industry!

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We do what we do because we love cows! As a purebred, registered Beefmaster cattle producer, our goal is to raise premium bulls and heifers to enhance the commercial breeder’s herd. As a small producer, we are able to have a close relationship with our herd that allows us to tend to them on a more intentional basis through tending to the cows individually by inspecting the grazing herd for problems, weighing the cow through various stages, vaccinating and worming. Our cows know us by the sound of our voice and come at our command as we walk them to new pastures to graze. Our emphasis is on quality of life while allowing the cattle to grow in a safe and healthy environment. We invite you to look at our selection.

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In addition to loving cows, we love to talk about cows. Whether you are a beginning farmer selecting your first cow or a seasoned rancher looking at repositioning your herd with Beefmaster genetics, we would like to hear from you. Please check out our blog page for a wide spectrum of ranching topics. Please feel free to contact us at Thickety Creek Farm using the information below.

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Cullin Smith: 409-779-9872 (cell)


Office Location
3800 N. 16th Street
Orange, Texas 77632

Farm Location
1615 CR 456
Kirbyville, TX 75966

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