Around the Farm

This gallery page invites you to take a look around our farm to learn more about us. Our herd of beefmaster cattle sprinkled with a few recipient cows of other breeds will be highlighted here. In a society that sometimes moves to fast, you can find peace with the simple daily routine of cows. In fact, peaceful is the most common attribute used by folks who come visit Thickety Creek Farm.

As we cycle through the seasons, you can share in our work as well as our recreation around the farm as Claire documents and shares through photos of our life on the farm.

We Want to Hear From you!

In addition to loving cows, we love to talk about cows. Whether you are a beginning farmer selecting your first cow or a seasoned rancher looking at repositioning your herd with Beefmaster genetics, we would like to hear from you. Please check out our blog page for a wide spectrum of ranching topics. Please feel free to contact us at Thickety Creek Farm using the information below.

Contact Us


Cullin Smith: 409-779-9872 (cell)


Office Location
3800 N. 16th Street
Orange, Texas 77632

Farm Location
1615 CR 456
Kirbyville, TX 75966

Thickety Creek Farm