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Thickety Creek Farm is located on the banks of Thickety Creek deep in the woods of Southeast Texas. The farm land has a 150-year-old history with clusters of huge live oak trees of equal age.  During the late 1920’s and early 1930’s prior owners of the land had an extensive commercial hog operation.  Additionally, the owners used truck farming of watermelons and peas to supplement their income.   Over time the farm was broken into smaller tracts and sold off.  

Thickety Creek is a year around creek that meanders through the farm where an abundance of wildlife cohabitates with Beefmaster cattle in the woods and open pasture land. The 186-acre farm, under the ownership of Cullin Smith, was given the name of Thickety Creek to reflect its geographical location. 

Cullin started his cattle business in 2005 at another farm located on the banks of the Sabine River. After exposure to a variety of cattle breeds with the commercial cattle operation, Cullin selected to exclusively raise registered Beefmaster cattle primarily due to its gentle disposition and the other “five essentials” characteristics. Cullin draws upon his Texas A&M education in the field of Agriculture Economics and general love of cows to raise quality Beefmaster cattle.

His long-term goal is to provide black registered Beefmaster seedstock to benefit the commercial cattle producer providing the end retail beef product. This goal is being accomplished by reintroducing Beefmaster cattle into our local commercial market that has an antiquated bias against the Beefmaster breed. 

Cullin’s desire is to educate potential commercial cattle producers about modern changes to the Beefmaster breed. The Beefmaster bull’s long sheath found in the historical Beefmaster line has been bred to be reduced in length and is no longer a liability. The long-term goal of the BBU is to phase out the mottle hide coloration, and Thickety Creek Farm is breeding specifically for a black hide that adds value to calves with a consistent hide color. Thickety Creek Farm further emphasizes the benefits derived through heterosis when crossed with cattle needing Brahman influence.   Beefmaster breeding will increase calf weight gains through registered Beefmaster bulls and cows’ genetics. Finally, commercial cattle producers will discover the benefit of using Beefmaster replacement heifers due to their maternal mothering instinct, milk production, milk quality and their ability to adapt and thrive in any environment.

Thickety Creek Farm breeding is based on selective artificial Insemination with two goals. Firstly, the best match for phenotypes is made that will combine the best bull traits with the best cow traits to create the best quality calf. The second goal is to recognize the industry movement toward the use of EPDs as a selective breeding tool. The combination of these two goals is to produce a calf that is phenotypically pleasing with good EPDs. Culled animals are sold through a sale barn.  Retained calves are placed in a program that allows them to develop to their fullest potential.  

Our best quality cows are embryo flushed and through the use of recipient cows proven genetics is multiplied in an effort to make as many quality animals in the least amount of time.

We collect scan data on our animals, both bulls and heifers, so that producers can use that information in their breeding choices.

Thickety Creek Farm is a BBU whole herd reporting farm. Through extensive data collection, we try to ensure our EPDs are as accurate as possible.

Cullin is an active member of Beefmaster Breeders United through his participation on the By Laws Committee, Membership Committee, and the Seed Stock Committee. Additionally, Cullin is a Board Director for the Southeast Texas Independent Cattlemen's Association. 


Our Cattle

Our latest addition to the herd this February is Asher. We look forward to seeing him grow into a fine black bull. To view more of our herd, click on Our Cattle.

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In addition to loving cows, we love to talk about cows. Whether you are a beginning farmer selecting your first cow or a seasoned rancher looking at repositioning your herd with Beefmaster genetics, we would like to hear from you. Please check out our blog page for a wide spectrum of ranching topics. Please feel free to contact us at Thickety Creek Farm using the information below.

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Cullin Smith: 409-779-9872 (cell)


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