Emmons 5th Annual Bull Sale

I was fortunate enough to attend the Emmons Bulls Sale with two of my good friends Richard Roundtree and Chuck Mazoch. The sale was held Saturday March 27, 2021 at the Groesbeck Livestock Auction Barn.

Sales Manager Bruce Robbins, Sale Consultant Mike Green, Auctioneer Anthony Mihalski along with the bid catchers put together a great auction. The complimentary chicken fried steak and french fries at lunch was excellent.   The sale was well attended and the bidding was fierce.

For those new to the Beefmaster Breed, Emmons Ranch is a household name. The Emmons family are great people with good cattle or…..is it good people with great cattle. Describing them either way would be accurate. Emmons Ranch sales catalogue states “Calving Ease, Birth Weight and Rib Eye Area are the most important economic traits to consider when selecting a herd sire. Getting a live calf that will yield more pounds of meat at harvest will equal more dollars in the producer’s pocket.” From the number of buyers and the price the buyers were paying for the bulls, the bull buying customer has confidence Emmons’ bulls fill this bill.

I was very interested in looking at the calves of King George. I have A I’d six cows and flushed one donor cow plus I have purchased semen to AI ten more cows this season, all to their King George Bull. I was not disappointed in what I saw.  King George calves were available out of several cows. No matter which cow had the King George calf, they all had a phenotype that is big bone, lots of muscle and predominately black color. Exactly the type of calves I hope to add to my herd.

I enjoyed the excitement of the sale and eagerly look forward to the Emmons 6th Annual Bull Sale in 2022.

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