Why you should consider a cattle consultant!

Each person has their individual reason for raising Beefmaster Cattle. Some people just love cows and find the dewlap, long ear and disposition of the Beefmaster Breed unmatched by any other breed. They raise them because they find watching cattle graze on a green field, with young calves playing with each other, calming and pleasurable.

Yet, for others, raising Beefmaster Cattle is a business opportunity. Raising Beefmaster Cattle is not just considered pleasurable, it also offers a chance to be competitive with other breeders while increasing the opportunity for greater revenue.

Based on the NASS 2017 Census of Agriculture, more than 90% of ranches are family-owned and operated, with an average herd size of 40 head. Thus, the vast majority of ranches are not owned or operated full time. Most ranches are owned and managed in a bi-vocational manner. Thus, the owner has a day time job and ranches before and after the “day “job.

Additionally, the vast majority of today’s breeders were not raised with cattle and have limited experience with cattle. Like any business, there is a night and day difference between a cattle owner and being in the cattle business. Having cattle is relatively easy. Making money with cattle is “x” times more difficult. I’ve heard it said that there are two types of cattle people. First are those that are telling the truth when they say that are not making money with cattle. Second are those that are lying when they tell you they are making money with cattle.

For those interested in being more competitive with Beefmaster Cattle and desire to increase their revenue with cattle, I encourage you to consider a cattle consultant and specifically a Beefmaster Cattle Consultant. There are many ways a herd consultant can help you. Let’s look at a few.

A good consultant can allow you to advance your program because they have a wide range of experience. They are experienced in raising , showing, judging and breeding cattle. The have the opportunity to look at hundreds of cattle on various size cattle operations. With this, they can offer suggestions on what others are doing with their cattle that has made them successful.

Even within a breed, not all cattle are made equally or are of equal value. A consultant’s experience allows them to judge phenotype. They can look at your individual cow or heifer and make recommendations on which bulls will accent the positive and minimize the negative characteristics of those animals. They will teach you how to recognize differences in bone structure, body thickness, muscle and other characteristics that are desirable in cattle.

A consultant is able to make marketing recommendations. There are many exclusive Beefmaster Satellite Marketing Group sales that take place each year. They can recommend which sale your animals would be best suited for, so they be on an even footing with like cattle, and thus not be disadvantaged when compared with the sale competition. Additionally, they can give specific recommendations on how to groom, feed, train and prepare your cattle for the sale with the goal of making sure your cattle are presented in their best condition.

A good consultant is generally considered an expense. In reality, a consultant will pay for themselves in a multitude of ways. One way is to help you identify animals to be culled. Inferior animals are a drain on your financial and labor resources. An example of an inferior animal is one that has poor bone structure, poor disposition, poor conformation, etc. By culling these animals early on, you save money on feed and hay, and you save time that you can devote to the better quality calves. Culling one calf at six months of age rather than feeding them until they are twelve months old can more than cover the cost of a consultant.

A good consultant only needs to visit your operation once, possibly twice a year when you get started. This will enable them to monitor your progress, answer any questions you will have and make any adjustments that are necessary.

In closing, due to the experience of my cattle consultant, I have advanced my cattle herd much faster than I would have if I had relied only on my own limited knowledge. I have avoided costly mistakes by not spending time and feed resources on cattle that would have not been capable of providing the necessary financial return. I have a better idea of how and where to market my animals. Finally, I have more confidence in the approach I’m taking in the care and marketing of my animals. For me, I am able to enjoy my cattle, reduce my expenses and know I’m moving in a more profitable direction. More profitability makes owning Beefmaster Cattle even more pleasurable.

If you would like more information on the consultant used by Thickety Creek Farm, please contact us.

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