Information about Cullin Smith

Apparently, I have always loved cows.  My mom tells the story about my 6th birthday request being a drawing of a cow from a local kid’s show host known as “Cowboy John”.  Cowboy John sent a drawing of a horse with the note that his cow drawings were not as good.   Mom said I threw the drawing away with the explanation that “I would have asked for a horse drawing if I had wanted a horse drawing”.  For my 40th birthday Mom gave me the original drawing that she retrieved from the trash and held for all of these years.

While in Junior Highschool I was able to get my first cow.  Since cows were not allowed in the trailerpark we lived in I arranged to “lease” a couple of acres of land down the street.  The lease payment consisted of my clearing the plants growing in the field and repairing the broken fence.  Soon after, I was loaned a Brahman heifer by a current Beefmaster breeder by the name of DVM Glenn Rhodes.  Forty plus years later Dr. Rhodes would guide me in the purchase of my first herd of Beefmaster cattle.   I will always be thankful for the guidance and generosity of Dr. Rhodes.

In Highschool I showed 2 steers through the 4-H program.  I also began cleaning dog kennels at the veterinary clinic where Dr. Rhodes worked.  With the praise I continually received for my thoroughness and my continued love for cows it seemed logical for me to set my sights on going to Vet school at Texas A&M University.

Things were going well at TAMU, until my first exam was returned with a note to see the Professor after class.  The short version of our conversation, actually I just listened, was that she had never had anyone in her 34 years of tenure score as low as I had on any exam. She continued by saying TAMU was a fine institution, and she was confident there was a program for me but that it definitely was NOT Vet school.  Thus, I have a degree in Agricultural Economics with a Master’s Degree in Land Development.

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